LED screen hiring has began to thrive in recent months, but for very different uses prior to the lockdown.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, people were advised to socially distance themselves from others, which meant we were all deprived of some form of entertainment in our lives, with restaurants, bars, cafes, gyms and cinemas all having to roll down their shutters.

The whole situation triggered a new adventure for Max Graphix, we set ourselves a challenge to inject some entertainment back into peoples lives whilst following all social distancing guidelines.

We began offering our LED screens to community groups, sports clubs and the general public to use for drive-in cinema events at suitable facilities.

The drive-in cinemas have been a real hit so far! They’re fun-filled, suitable for people of all ages, give us all a good reason to get out of the house and see others whilst following by the social distancing regulations and it’s an outdoor event that can’t be ruined by grey clouds and rain because you can enjoy classic films from the comfort of your own car!

Recently our screens were hired out by Clady GFC and community event organisers in Crossmaglen, and we got great feedback from those who organised the events and from those who watched the drive-in movies from our LED screens.

You can see for yourself just how much some people enjoyed watching the ‘Dirty Dancing’ movie at the ‘Pop Up Drive-In Cinema’ in Crossmaglen.

Would You Like To Organise a Drive-In Cinema Event?

If you ‘d like to organise a drive-in cinema event in your local community, get in touch with Max Graphix today.  This could be part of a fundraising event for GAA clubs, other sports clubs or community groups, or maybe you just want to help bring your community together in a safe manner after a lonely spell in lockdown.

You can call our company manager, Sean McArdle, on 07710977456, email us at info@maxgraphix.co.uk or submit an online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.