Drive-in cinemas and other concert and theatre events which do not require people to leave their cars were permitted this week as the UK government’s COVID-19 lockdown restrictions begin to ease.

LED screen hiring has began to thrive in other countries that have already began loosening their lockdown, particularly in Germany, where drive-in movie theatres are experiencing a renaissance, and not just for films. People flock to church services and concerts there too, both banned in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is why we’ve taken the initiative to offer our LED screens to help inject some well overdue entertainment back into people’s lives.  Our screens are adoptable, they aren’t only used for advertising purposes they can be used for film/TV, virtual concerts or community events (where attendants can remain in their vehicles).


At Max Graphix we will make the hiring process as simple as possible for you.  Just get in touch with our team, tell us your requirements, we will then deliver the screen to your facility and our screen operators will set up the system, test it for you and offer a full demonstration on how everything works.

If you have any questions for us whilst the screen is at your facility, our team is always on hand to help.  Just give us a call provide all the information you need, whether that’s through a telephone consultation, a video consultation or even calling back out to you if needed.


If you are, just submit an online enquiry, drop us a message on Facebook, or give us a call on 07710977456,