There’s a good chance if you’re taking the time to read this blog you’re a business owner or an individual with an interest in marketing and promotional content.

Therefore, you should also understand that quality should always be put over quantities and figures when it comes to print and design.

A local, print and design company will always be more likely to meet you face to face, develop an understanding of your business, listen to your ideas and come up with a bespoke design for you, instead of choosing which will fit best from a pool of generically designed material.

Build a Relationship

Our team at Max Graphix will always make great efforts to get to know your business, what it’s about, your target market, your goals and most obviously your brand – so we can create something that fits to your style and brand identity.

You can be sure we will keep a level of synchronicity in your design work, however if you commission random designers to do minor pieces, your designs and brand will appear disjointed and inconsistent.

And one thing that will send a potential lead in a competitor’s direction is inconsistency, consumers can perceive inconsistent branding as an early warning sign for a potentially inconsistent product or service.

At Max Graphix you can speak with the same person each time instead of being passed from person to person, and work with a requested designer on numerous projects.

They will work with you until you are 100% happy with your design and content.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Everybody knows that things can often go wrong in marketing, after all, one simple spelling or grammar mistake can destroy an entire advertisement.  At Max Graphix you don’t have to engage by email or through an automated chatbot, our team is always happy to offer contact numbers, meaning you have a trusted person to speak to and someone who will try their absolute best to fix any issue instead of being left in the dark with unusable materials.

Better quality

Sometimes people opt for working with larger or online suppliers because they feel the quality of the end product will be better, or to save money by designing their own content on drafted templates.  However, smaller companies, like Max Graphix, take pride in the service provided so you can be sure you will receive the best quality for your end-product.

We like to simplify things

With online sites you may not know the difference between a silk finish and a matt laminate, or the effect of a 250gsm stock or a 400gsm stock and when your business cards are delivered you are disappointed with the result, by using Max Graphix  you will be presented with an opportunity to meet face to face and have samples provided for you to judge, so you know what to expect your finished product to look like.

Online companies don’t always offer more

You may think that an online company can offer more, that’s often not the case.  At Max Graphix we have developed a wide network of suppliers, therefore offering a wider range of promotional print products such as expo stands, canvases, labels, cardboard cut outs and 3D logos, than the standard flyers and business cards you find on online services.